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Welcome to the Jay's Sporting Goods Podcast

Sep 11, 2020

The experts at Jay's Sporting Goods are getting ready for bow season, but this year, things are different.

Archery Department Manager and lifelong archer Paul Penix says he's never seen the interest as high as it is this fall.

Paul's passion for the sport is evident as he discusses the possible reasons for the renewed interest in bowhunting.

He also says for the first time in memory, Jay's is actually running low on some inventory...and he explains why all archery shops are seeing the same problem.

Penix describes the new system Jay's has put in place to deal with the rush of customers and why his people are committed to providing the best customer service possible in these challenging times.

Paul also says there are some great bows still on the racks at Jay's, and why customers might want to consider some of the lesser known brands.